Flamingo Art

Original art work by local Jensen Beach FL Artist

New Picture in Progress. Scroll down for 7 steps in progress. (Finished picture at bottom of page)


This is the beginning of a 3D I am making which will be 16 x 20.  I begin by pencil sketching the background and then painting it in w/ acrylic paint.  After which I do outlining w/ black ink.

This is progress of second day of work on picture.

The background of the 3D is done.  Next I will touch up any colors out of lines and then begin to plan figures to be put on.. I plan a group of flamingos walking down the street.

Here are some figures layed on the background which I will fix on to make the picture 3D.. Alot is to be done yet.

More progress:

More figures added and some glitter paint on grass and sky. Still more figures are to be added.

Semi-final version below.

Semi-final version. Final version below.

Final version

The following is the final version which has been already shipped to and appreciated by a nice lady who lives in the midwest.